Together for education

The National Education Union came into existence on September 2017

We stand up for the future of education by bringing together more than 450,000 teachers, lecturers, support staff and leaders working in maintained and independent schools and colleges across the UK.

Combining the expertise and experience of both ATL and the NUT, the National Education Union is the Europe’s largest education union. We are an effective and powerful voice – championing everyone who works in education.

Welcome to the National Education Union – Essex Branch – part of the premier union for teachers and education workers in the United Kingdom.

This Branch serves members in schools and academies throughout the county of Essex . We negotiate, on behalf of our members with Essex LA and MATs within the Branch area.

We work directly with the 6 NEU Districts within Essex County borders.

Members seeking advice and guidance should contact the NEU AdviceLine by telephoning 0345 811 8111 or going to

Please include your name, membership number and district name when emailing.

The National Education Union

Combining the expertise and experience of both ATL and the NUT, we are an effective and powerful voice in education.

Already, the school cuts campaign has put funding firmly on the political agenda, and our workload campaign has helped members up and down the country take control of their working lives.

We are committed to making the education sector:

  • a great place to work, by continuing to campaign for sustainable workloads, fighting for a fairly-funded education system and championing your pay and working conditions
  • a great place to teach which values and promotes professional expertise and learns from relevant data
  • a great place to learn with a broad curriculum to motivate learners, allowing them to develop their interests and skills for the future.

By promoting education worker rights and providing comprehensive and quality CPD, as well as unrivalled publications, we empower professionals to inspire generations of learners. And, of course, should you face a problem at work, you have the support of a combined team of workplace reps, local officers and legal experts in your corner.

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