Mid Essex





PRESIDENT Ms Marion Wilson marionwilsonimap@gmail.com
VICE PRESIDENT Ms Helen Davenport jusgorge@blueyonder.co.uk
GENERAL SECRETARY Mr. Chris Barton chrispbar@sky.com
TREASURER Mrs Heather Drake heatherjd203@gmail.com
ASSISTANT SECRETARY Mr. Rob Howlett rob_howlett@yahoo.co.uk
MINUTING SECRETARY Ms Ruth Sabey Rrjsabey@gmail.com
EQUAL OPPS OFFICER Mr. Chris Barton chrispbar@sky.com
YOUNG TEACHERS OFFICER Mr. Rob Howlett rob_howlett@yahoo.co.uk
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Mr. Rob Howlett rob_howlett@yahoo.co.uk
CASE WORKER Mr Eric Charlton e.charlton@btinternet.com
CASE WORKER Ms Pauline Price pricep@hotmail.com
CASE WORKER Mr. John Pickard johnpickard48@live.co.uk

Details of meetings and news can be found on the Mid Essex Latest News pages

Mid Essex also has its own website to be found at http://midessexnut.org.uk

Please also follow us on Twitter. @EssexNut.