Workload announcement is a beginning, but more than ambition needed
We are pleased the Government is finally beginning to recognise the teacher shortage crisis, but it will be seen in classrooms round the country whether today’s announcement makes any practical difference, says Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union.
Kevin Courtney said: “We are pleased the Government is beginning to recognise the scale of the challenge in teacher recruitment and retention and says it is willing to work with us to tackle these related problems.

“We will fully engage, and urge our members to take up the issue of workload in schools.

“But the Government needs more than ambition if these efforts are to work. School accountability needs fundamental reform, not tinkering. School leaders need to be know what the Government and Ofsted expects of them, not just what they don’t expect. The Government needs to recognise that funding cuts are also now driving up workload – with class sizes increasing in two-thirds of secondary schools and teachers facing cut backs in preparation time. And the Government needs to recognise that it must deal with the growing uncompetitiveness of teacher pay.”

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